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Learn about “Transforming Dolls” in… The Secret Compartment

From the people who bought you episode one of

“The Secret Compartment Show”

comes the second episode of

“The Secret Compartment Show”

In this long awaited episode Host Nick Ferrell explains the forgotten to most toy line Celestra: Queen of the Transforming Dolls and co-host Rom Spaceknight makes up Larry Hama style backstories for each character and convinces the world to accept it as canon.

Also, somehow Nick’s breath spray gets mixed up with ROM’s Chrome Magnum brand scrotum gloss. We asked Ferrell what it tasted like…

“I mean, if the fine print on the bottle is to be believed, it’s not supposed to be ingested. But I’ve read posts on Reddit that describe (Chrome Magnum brand scrotum gloss) as “tasting like how the water on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride smells”.”

Trailer Below… YAY!

Much like how the movie “Pixels” promised a storyline where Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, and Peter Dinklage teamed up to fight aliens in the form of 80’s video games. The Secret Compartment Show promises to be “hidden from all logic” and just like the creator of “Pixels”, Ferrell delivers on that promise. 

Off Topic Rant:

I often hear people complain about “Pixels” and I’m like “what did you walk in expecting to see?”

They told you what to expect and then gave it to you. They even made Kevin James the President who comes out of retirement to fight the aliens. You loved it in Independence Day but in “Pixels” it’s too dumb???

Back to the Secret Compartment…

When asked why would you ever make a show about Celestra Ferrell responded,

“Believe it or not, my sister had a Celestra figure when we were kids. It was just a shitty little, nameless rack toy amongst countless others that we played with, so I never knew the name of it. After finally identifying her many years later and then discovering that she had three other comrades, I was excited to scoop ‘em all up. It kinda felt like a personal “full circle” moment to make the Celestra girls the subject of a TSC episode all these years later.”

Nick Ferrell and Rom Spaceknight promise you toy nonsense and all they ask in return is for you to tune into that nonsense.

Head over to

and check out the new episode.

(Remember that this show is meant for a mature audience so make sure there aren’t any little ears around.)

Secret Takeaways

You can create a spot on Puerto Rican action figure by repainting Berserko from the C.O.P.S ’n Crooks line to have a tan, pencil mustache, dark hair, and a pink jacket.
Seems right and he still rocks the “BAAAD” is GOOD! muscle tee. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for more episodes of The Secret Compartment coming soon.
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Article By: ToyDeLorean

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