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Podcast Corner: Show & Tell Podcast

From toy hunting and collecting to displays and community. One podcast is taking our favorite elementary school homework and bringing it back. Hosts Marqy Marq and Jorgie Boy are taking Show & Tell to a whole new level.

The Show & Tell Podcast will go back to that chapter in life, standing in front of that third grade classroom. They want to show and talk about toys just like back then but this time they have adult money and a microphone. Marq and Jorgie will discuss anything and everything related to collecting and pop culture. The first three episodes have covered topics like Chinese Knock Off, being labeled as a collector, and why we don’t have more black action figures.

Meet your hosts:

Marqy-Marq – @thesuperqool

A lifelong collector, this graphic designer by day took a break from toys as he aged. But like Michael Corleone, just when he thought he was out… toys pulled him back in. Started with collecting funko pops, mainly Boba and Jango Fett. He was led down the rabbit hole one day while taking his son to the toy aisle of Target. After seeing what toys modern times have to offer, Marq quickly discovered the community. Now he is dedicating time to sharing the love.

Jorgie Boy – @agentvariant

A corporate graphic designer, Jorgie is always collecting different “objects”. When it comes to toy collecting his passion lies in toy photography. Specifically in the Articulated Comic Book Art (ACBA) style of photography. These pictures have zero digital effects, instead relying on all practical effects and finding that special pose that tells the story. Jorgie Boy finds this to be the purest form of toy photography as it has reinvigorated his passions for the art form.

Watch SHOW & TELL PODCAST Episode 2

What makes Show & Tell special? 

There is an all but unlimited amount of toy and collector focused podcasts streaming throughout the world. Which makes sense because the toy community actually has many different subcultures within its main toy culture umbrella. So what will Marqy-Marq and Jorgie Boy bring to the Show & Tell?

In chatting with Marq he believes in going wider with their platform. They plan on covering all of pop culture. This, paired with high production quality and a studio format, should result in an inviting and easy to enjoy show for everyone in the community. No prior experience needed and everyone is welcome! The Show & Tell Podcast’s goal is to expand the community, which brings me to my next point…

The Toy Community is Expansive and Expanding.

Jorgie Boy and Marqy-Marq will show and tell the people that the toy community is not just the geek in the basement. Long past is a time where bullies pick on nerds for using a computer or watching Star Trek. Collectors come in all shapes and sizes, as well as genders, backgrounds, and tax brackets. At toy stores and toy shows you will find people collecting those expensive Hot Toys hanging with people who collect the cheapest SpinMaster figures.

“Toy collecting is the most positive community. You can bro out at other community groups, but this allows us to be kids. Most guy talk about making fun of each other. This is positive reinforcement to each other, usually with random trivia.”

 – Marqy-Marq

Marq went on to say that “We collect based on memory.” He explained that those memories come from multiple avenues, movies, TV, cartoons, holidays, birthdays, music, schoolyard antics. The mix of everything from one’s childhood is what goes into creating today’s collector. 

With that in mind, what can we look forward to during Show & Tell?

First off, an inside look at the life of the collector. The mindset of a toy hunter, from planning the route to different stores to taking advantage of modern day shopping techniques. 

Secondly, what collectors do with their collection?

The reason for this podcast, or any podcast is to share. Share the love of toys and collectibles. Hosts Marqy Marq and Jorgie Boy will discuss how to best share the passion. Jorgie discusses using figures as art in toy photography and everything that goes into that; Cameras, Lighting, and Dioramas. Side Note: Current dioramas are amazing and detailed, especially compared to the VHS cassette tapes I used to create walls as a kid. Marq believes that a collection should be displayed in its best light. A toy room should be properly curated. Evan as most collectors, including Marq, do not have enough room and have to keep things boxed and in the closet (or storage unit).

Thirdly, like mentioned before, everything else! As nostalgia junkies, Jorgie and Marq are film buffs and pop-culture aficionados. The kind of guys who know what cartoon is starting just by hearing the first three notes of the theme song.

Watch and listen to Show & Tell as they celebrate the culture of collecting and bring the threads from forum sites to life and help create a world where collectors are no longer embarrassed to show their toy room.

“Time has changed things now, the bully and nerd can be on the same plane, everyone collects.”

Times have changed and modern toys are amazing. You can now hold a manifestation of your childhood. Today’s toys are accurate representations of what we watched on screen every Saturday morning growing up. Presentation is everything and the Show & Tell Podcast are promising to talk toys and pop-culture with the best presentation possible.

Subscribe to the Show & Tell Podcast on YouTube. Follow them on Instagram @showtellpodcast

Follow hosts Marqy Marq and Jorgie Boy on Instagram

You can currently find Show & Tell merch at and keep an eye out for the Show & Tell website coming soon!

Written By: Dave at ToyStoreGuide (ToyDeLorean on Instagram)

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