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What Are You Watching?: New Episodes of “A Toy Store Near You”

For many of us Christmas is synonymous with toys, we are filled with memories of toys we unwrapped on Christmas morning.

We reminisce about those toys we wanted and couldn’t believe we finally got and sometimes we sulk about the toys that were never under the tree. Well this Christmas the Nacelle Company is delivering the toys to all of us in the form of 5 more episodes of the toy-centric television show “A Toy Store Near You”.

Check out the Trailer for Season 4

The sixth season of “A Toy Store Near You” makes the claim that it has “the most toys ever in one season”. How can the crew at Nacelle promise that? Maybe Nacelle’s founder and CEO could shed light on the matter… 

We talked to Brian Volk-Weiss about the direction the show has taken since season one. On the “most toys” claim he stated that there is more emphasis on toys this season. The show is really about the toy store owners and their story, so toys will naturally be a focal point. In seasons past Volk-Weiss estimates that toys took up approximately 15% of the show, well now that up to about 25%. 

The show has evolved since premiering during the Covid lockdowns. Volk-Wiess explained to us that there will be more involvement from toy experts this season. In season 5 we got insights from Andre “Black Nerd” Meadows, this season he will be joined by others in the toy community like Dan Larson and Pixel Dan. I asked if this change was organic and the answer was a yes and no of sorts. Brian said it was organic since he and Nacelle already have great relationships with so many experts, so it became a point to include them.

The Season Six Rundown

Total Nostalgia in Trinity, AL

Big Redhead Vintage Toys in Tampa, FL

Sarge & Red’s Vintage Toys in Utica, MI

We Can Be Heroes in Chatsworth, CA

Crown Point Toys and Collectibles in Crown Point, IN

At Toy Store Guide people often ask us if we have visited every store we profile. That would be the dream, and it is our goal to visit as many as possible. Sadly we can’t visit them all but we definitely plan vacations around how many stores we can visit. Since it’s a question we receive often I wanted to pass it along to Brian. Volk-Weiss thinks he has been to about 10 of the toy stores featured on “A Toy Store Near You”, of course he hopes to visit them all one day.

As for stores in season six he did happen to visit Sarge & Red’s. I asked him for a review of the store… Volk-Weiss explained that usually he is usually in a store for about 20 minutes, he talks to the owners, finds something to add to the collection, and is on his way. Well he spent so much time at Sarge & Red’s that when another customer’s car battery died Brian assisted Red and the Sarge in giving her a jump.

While sitting in front of a wall plastered with designs and model sheets for the upcoming Robo Force animated series, Brian Volk-Weiss commented on how “A Toy Store Near You” is a labor of love. The show isn’t specifically profitable, but these mom and pop stores are run by hard working people and it is important to Nacelle (and to us) that their story is told and highlighted. SInce season one the store featured in an episode gets a share of the proceeds from the show. So the more we watch the more they get. The more friends you tell about the show and get them to watch the more the stores get. The more people watch the more likely The Nacelle Company can continue to produce new episodes. 

We can all help local toy stores just by watching TV shows about toys. I’ve said it before, I am sure we can all watch TV about toys while “playing” with our toys. It’s the mission we were meant for!

Season 6 of A Toy Store Near You premieres December 24th on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Dish, YouTube, Google Play, Spectrum and other streaming sites.
Seasons one through five are currently all available on YouTube.

Article by: @toydelorean on Instagram

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